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Kaleshwaram water lift and irrigation project


06 Apr, 2017

Megha Engineering and Infrastructure Limited (MEIL) recently awarded a significant order to the Y CUBE Engineered Solutions Pvt. Ltd. in the scope of supply is for 22 water utilities valves, DN4000 PN6 double eccentric butterfly valves, of these 11 are hydraulically actuated (HOPD) and the balance are electrically actuated (EOPD). These are sizeable valves with the unit weights being – HOPD 43,000kg and EOPD 36,000kg.

Severn Utilities Valves a division of the Severn Glocon Group will be supplying these valves.

MEIL is the main contractor for the Kaleshwaram water lift and irrigation project in Telangana state, India. There are 6 main pumping stations with a total of 4,500mW, lifting the water to various levels, the highest being 113 meters.

Picture During the Contract Sign are-

In the  centre Senior Manager at BD & P, MEIL(at righ) & Mr. Ken McWhirter (Severn Glocon- At Left). Mr. Bhupender Singh and Mr. RajKumar Jayswal (at Left & Right Corner respectively- The Directors at YCUBE Engineered Solutions Pvt. Ltd. –The Severn Glocon Reperesentative of Severn Utilities for water distribution and infrastructure projects in India).