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About Us

Introducing a Y Cube

Y CUBE Engineered Solutions Private Limited is an associate company of Y CUBE group, the leading organization with 200+ employee, with a revenue of 134MUSD.Y Cube group is a company established in South Asia more than twenty five years ago and having presence in Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, UAE, Hong Kong and in India. We have our own service and quick response & value engineering center facility in Ahmedabad & Rayong.

Y CUBE have specialized product for Power, Water Grid, Mining and Oil & Gas.
Y CUBE is a Sole Authorized Representative of world’s leading brands for Valves, Pumps, BFP, Vacuum Pumps, Material handling equipment’s, Solar Inverters & cable, HP & LP Heaters, VFD’s & Motors, Automation, Accessories, Spares and various engineered products.

Y CUBE is a leading service provider of top-quality industrial supplies for Asia & Middle East region. We carry the brands you trust, along with money-saving alternatives to suit any budget. We add new products nearly every day to make sure we offer the latest, high-quality products. We also provide product services such as value engineering for Valve Actuation, Repair and Sourcing for anything which supports you to solve your challenges.

Y CUBE aims to be the leading organization in the 21st century by supplying products contributing to mankind and environment, based on human resources and advanced technology. Y CUBE committed to contribute towards nation’s economic growth in the field of energy industry with high-quality, high-efficiency products by the execution of new technology. Y CUBE targets to become leading organization and plans to full-fill human values by the spirit of challenge, investment towards human resources and assembling of dispersed energy. Y CUBE will make every effort to practice clear, logical and objective management under ethical management policy in order to gain customer’s satisfaction and reliance.

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To be the most ingenious and energising investor in enterprises that engage the Youth, are Yearning to succeed and deliver Yield that enhances value.

To build stronger & sustainable enterprises that delivers customer excellence in the field of environment & lifestyle by executing on the foundation of trust, ethics, execution and excellence. To achieve operational excellence by creating unparalleled customer benefits by driving the intrinsic "Values" of Y CUBE to exceed stakeholder expectations.


Collaboration to fuel the businesses with team power
Responsibility till the last mile
Integrity to stand by our conviction
Speed to execute and drive customer satisfaction
Passion to work with hearts and minds

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