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Culture And Diversity

YCUBE is comprised of forward-thinking technology experts capable of creating integrated solutions that best address the needs of our customers. We are able to anticipate global trends and continue to win business as a result of our outstanding management and planning process.

We also practice corporate social responsibility. YCUBE places a major emphasis on corporate philanthropy, employee volunteerism, and environmental stewardship.
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We expect and nurture leadership in every employee as we challenge each other to be the best. We look for people with creativity who stand out and don’t shy away from tackling the difficult problems. Our commitments include: Protecting the planet through responsible operations, unique collaborations and the pursuit of breakthrough technologies that result in human progress.

A workplace that thrives on continuous employee development, proactive career feedback, health and wellness offerings, flexible work policies, and a mindset of inclusion.

A creative, dynamic and friendly work environment that values diverse perspectives, is mutually respectful and benefits from the vision and mentoring of leaders who rank among the best in the industry.

Learning & Development at Y CUBE

Development of our diverse workforce is a key pillar of YCUBE's People Vision of having the world’s best people, working together to make a difference. YCUBE's employee development model reflects a cycle of continuous learning embedded in everyday work, workplace relationships and structured learning.

YCUBE invests in employees to keep them at the forefront of their respective fields. Opportunities range from daily on-the-job learning, participation in global cross-functional project teams, mentoring, classroom training, cultural training online learning, and participation in employee networks.

Enabling Work-Life Effectiveness

We recognize the many demands on YCUBE people’s time – in the workplace, at home and in the community. While programs are role-dependent, and vary by location, example options include:

Informal flexibility:

Occasional day-to-day flexibility


Workday start and end times are flexible


Working from a remote location one or more days a week

Less than Fulltime:

Working a reduced work schedule, and being compensated accordingly

Job Sharing:

Fulltime position shared by two people, usually each working part-time hours

Meeting Free:

Establishing blocks of time when no meetings are scheduled

Leave Programs:

Personal leave options to help employees manage important needs

Corporate Social Responsibility Report

Y CUBE Introduction-

Vision Mission

Y Cube aims to be the leading organization in the 21st century by supplying products contributing to mankind and environment, based on human resources and advanced technology. Y Cube committed to contribute towards nation's economic growth in the field of energy industry with high-quality, high-efficiency products by the execution of new technology. Y Cube targets to become leading organization and plans to full-fill human values by the spirit of challenge, investment towards human resources and assembling of dispersed energy. Y Cube will make every effort to practice clear, logical and objective management under ethical management policy in order to gain customer's satisfaction and reliance.

The more than approximately 500+ people who work at Y CUBE Group come from more than 7 countries around the world and bring a dynamic range of skills, experiences, expertise and perspectives to the table.

As diverse as we may be, we share a passion for solving our customers' most challenging water problems, and for bringing clean water to everyone who needs it...everywhere around the world.

What else unites us?

Our energy and accountability
Our commitment to innovation, excellence, integrity, and living our corporate values
Our dedication to helping our customers succeed

Current Vacancies:

Openings will be posted Soon...! Date:- 16-Aug-2016