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Irrigation is the strategic application of water to soil for agricultural production in order to compensate for insufficient rainfall. Surface, drip, and sprinkler irrigation methods allow for exact water control, maximizing agricultural yield. This approach is critical for global food security and long-term water utilization. Irrigation helps greatly to increased agricultural productivity and the resilience of farming systems by ensuring crops receive enough water, particularly in locations with water shortages or erratic rainfall patterns.

This business vertical deals with pumps, pumping solutions, material handling solutions.

  • Pumps
  • Valves
  • Lift Irrigation System
  • Material Handling solutions like cranes & Hoist.
  • After Sales & Services in India for some global brands.


Water Control Solutions For Irrigation

Since 1965, BERMAD has been developing proven hydraulic control valves for irrigation projects and systems. With the widest range of innovative products for field and greenhouse agriculture, BERMAD offers customers advanced control solutions specially created for irrigation – from water source to the emitters: drip, sprinkler, micro-jet and pivot.

Providing Solutions for Various Application for Irrigation System-
- On/Off Control Valves
- Pressure Reducing Valves
- Valves For Pumping Station
- Pressure Relief Valves
- Flow Control Valves
- Valves Filter Station
- Pilots, Solenoids and Accessories etc.,


DeZurik Valves for Irrigation Control System

Throughout our 250 years of combined history, DeZURIK, APCO, HILTON and Willamette have been recognized worldwide for collaborating with customers to design and engineer valves that provide superior performance and value. Each company was founded by an innovator who set out to solve a customer’s problem application.

Today, the DeZURIK, APCO, HILTON and Willamette brands continue the tradition of partnering with our customers in the Irrigation for the various applications to provide the newest innovations in Knife Gate, Plug, Butterfly, Check, Air, Ball & Cone Valves.

Xylem Total Water Solutions for Irrigation Control System

As a member of an industry that uses 70% of the world’s water resources, you understand that quality, delivery and management of water are critical to your success. Your bottom line depends on it and so do the health and well-being of people around the world.

That’s why agriculturalists and producers rely on Xylem’s total solutions to supply water, treat wastewater and analyze, even under the most challenging conditions.

Our pumps, mixers and other water handling systems have applications for every part of your field; products that stand tough in the harshest environments. And we listen, learn and adapt to your local environment, helping your agricultural operations thrive wherever you are in the world.

Water supply and irrigation

-High durability borehole pumps to get the water out of the ground
-Multistage, end suction pumps and pump packages for the irrigation system
-Plug and pump solutions

- A wide range of high efficiency circulators
- Wastewater handling

Self-cleaning technology pumps
-Channel and vortex pumps
-Grinder pumps for small diameter pipe wastewater systems
-Lifting station packages for sewage and grey water


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