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Leading provider of water technology, Xylem is committed to providing creative solutions to meet the world's demands for energy, wastewater, and water. Our effective water technologies and industrial pumps, with their unmatched technological strength throughout the whole water cycle—from collection to distribution, reuse, and return to nature—not only reduce energy consumption and life-cycle costs but also promote sustainability in the face of escalating challenges.


The well-known international trademarks of Xylem are available in more than 150 countries and have led the water industry for many years. We work closely with clients, making adjustments for regional contexts. Our brands serve a wide range of markets, including public utilities, agriculture, construction, food and beverage, government agencies, industrial, and residential and commercial building services. We focus highly efficient water solutions, minimizing energy usage, cutting lifetime costs, and providing environmental advantages to consumers and their communities by utilizing our considerable application experience.