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Solar Plant Technology- A Brighter Tomorrow

A warm welcome to YCUBE, where innovation and sustainability unite to illuminate a brighter Tomorrow. As a growing leader in solar solutions, we are committed to transforming sunlight into a powerful, sustainable energy source. We are dedicated to the energy that powers progress. Join us on this journey to harness the sun's potential and create a Brighter, greener tomorrow.

Electricity demand is increases rapidly worldwide and to meet demand with Sustainable Source of Energy is the only solution as per Environment perspective. All the Countries are focussing on reduction of Carbon Footprint with Renewable (Solar, Wind, Biomass etc.) source of energy. We endue solutions that reduce your Electricity Bill without interrupting the existing system. With presence in pan India, we are serving our customers and fulfilling their continuously growing needs. By providing stated of technologies and solutions, we ensure to serve nation and want to be a contributor in development in Renewable Segment.

How it works?

List of Major Works

1) Decathlon 122 KW solar rooftop
2) UPJJM 760 KW Solar Pump – LCC
3) Haryana Berhampur 1165 KWp Solar Ground Mounted
4) Akot 265 KWp Solar Ground Mounted – LCC
5) UPJJM 1098 KW Solar Pump – KIPL


With reduced tariffs, the Solar plant costs have reduced significantly in last few years. While the EPC industry has been continuously innovating to cut costs by design innovations and in some cases careful dilution of specifications in non-core areas, further cost cutting seemed to be a big challenge in near future. At YCUBE, we realized this pressure from our esteemed customers and instead of playing with the quality of plants to further cut costs, we chose to offer a differentiated value-based products based on our EPC experience, strong R&D, and Innovation strengths. These products include Tracker, Inverter Container, Combiner Box and MMS.