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Single Axis Solar Tracker (MSAT100)

Design Features

Harness the power of the sun using MSAT100, the single axis tracker by Mahindra Susten. The MSAT100, an innovative offering from Mahindra Susten, is an indigenously designed & developed tracker thereby providing best-in- class quality at affordable prices. MSAT100 gives you the flexibility of choosing an array layout upto 60/63 module in the standard layout. Optional designs based on land profile can be set up in undulated terrain at optimum cost.

The tracker can help to substantially increase the generation potential of your solar setup. Utilizing our collective Solar EPC experience of over 1 GWp+, the MSAT tracker has been designed. We have supplied 500+ trackers & installed 10+MW tracker at sites in TN, AP & Telangana.

Benefits - 24% increase in generation observed at installed sites.

Single Axis Solar Tracker (MSAT100) Specifications