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Solar Pulse

Design Features

SolarPulse is MachinePulse - flagship product. It is a comprehensive solar PV asset monitoring & management application, developed for both utility scale and rooftop solar PV plants. Currently on its fourth version, it incorporates advanced monitoring capabilities, predictive analytics and asset management via an easy-to-use interface.

SolarPulse is powered by Erixis - our artificial intelligence engine based Internet of Things platform.

We provide solutions the following solar power projects:

  • Utility scale plants
  • Rooftop plants
  • Micro grids
  • Diesal Genset + solar PV hybrid solutions

Solar Pulse Specifications

Capacity monitored 305 MW
Site monitored 25
Under deployment 200 MW

How can SolarPulse help you?

Plant Monitoring Real time monitoring of physical health of plants and devices
Role based access to track relevant plant KPIs
Detailed alarms & reports with options to customise
Maximize Performance Algorithms to predict plant and device outputs in real time
Benchmark actual device performance with ideal
Device benchmarking to identify underperforming devices
Optimize O&M Integration with ERP to simplify inventory management
Predictive maintenance scheduling and tracking
Portfolio Management Compare plant performance on key KPIs
Access all plants from a single dashboard
Generation Forecasting Advanced algorithms to forecast plant generation as per regulations