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  • Smooth Operation and Top Reliability
    for Power Generation

  • Superior Engineered Solutions for
    Mining & Quarrying

  • Solutions for OIL & GAS Industries
    To Meet Your Business Requirements

  • We Provide Integrated Solutions for
    Lift & Micro Irrigation in India

  • Smooth Process Flows in Industrial,
    Municipal and Domestic Waste Water Transport.

  • We Are Your Dependable Partner in the Field of
    Solar Energy!!!

  • We safely support many applications directly
    related to environmental compliance

Who We Are?

Y CUBE has been a global power provider for over 25 years, servicing varied sectors in South Asia, the Middle East, and difficult settings. We satisfy crucial demands while adhering to strict standards, boosting major industries such as power generation, mining, oil and gas, water treatment, agriculture, and others.

Customer First

Achieving excellence in today's changing business climate necessitates strong alignment between producers and customers via rigorous planning and collaboration. We share your dedication to serious business, seeking to supply dependable Solutions in a timely manner.

Dedicated Team

When we embark on a client's project, we are committed to their success. We examine all alternatives, including unorthodox concepts, to improve designs by using our knowledge and agility. This creative approach has catapulted our team from a local to an international presence.

Updated Standards

YCUBE, with considerable expertise in a variety of industries, provides unique solutions targeted to the Power, Mining, Oil & Gas, and Water Treatment sectors. Our knowledge effortlessly integrates into many processes and capacities, increasing manufacturing efficiency.

Quality Assurance

Our customer value extends beyond a particular talent. Because of our extensive knowledge, we can comprehend your production difficulties and approach them from many angles, providing a high-quality solution that benefits you the most.

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